Ian Tassin

Ian Tassin

328 Mt. Union Ave.

Philomath, OR 97370



Professionally,  my goals are to obtain a Ph.D. and work in research and development for artificial intelligence systems.

I have experience coding in a professional context in C++ and Python.

I am driven to achieve and push myself to consistently improve the quality of my work. I have experience  working both independently and in group settings. I have worked in both ownership/managerial positions and as an employee. 

I am currently working on an honors thesis pertaining to computability and undecidability in infinite and aperiodic tilings, such as Wang Tilings.


Oregon State University / Undergraduate Learning Assistant (ULA) 

 For Analysis of Algorithms

January 2023 - PRESENT, Corvallis, OR

I am working as a ULA under Dr. Huck Bennett for Analysis of Algorithms.

Apotheosis Games LLC / Owner

August 2021 - PRESENT,  Corvallis, OR

I am the creator of a tabletop roleplaying game and the associated company.

Coastal Emergency Risk Assessment (CERA) / Junior Software Developer

July 2018 - May  2022, Baton Rouge, LA

I worked at Louisiana State University as a junior software developer for CERA every summer and occasionally during the school year starting in 2018. 

Oregon IT / Owner

September 2019- May 2021,  Corvallis, OR 

I was the owner of a small on-site computer repair and troubleshooting company that I started in September of 2019. Unfortunately, I had to shut it down due to COVID-19 since the interpersonal interaction required for on-site repairs was a risk during the pandemic.


Oregon State University / Bachelor’s Degree

September 2020 - Present,  Corvallis, OR 97331

I am currently working to get my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University. 


In 2017 I was awarded the highest level of the Finley Academic Excellence Scholarship at Oregon State University. Additionally, I was awarded entrance to the Oregon State University Honors College.