Current Research

Past Research

Wang Tilings in Arbitrary Dimensions (2024): 

Select findings from my Honors Thesis (posted below) were published in the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal. In particular, this paper focuses on the extension of Wang Tiles into arbitrary dimensions and finds that the existence of a tiling with periodicity in d dimensions can be inferred from the existence of a tiling with periodicity in (d-1) dimensions. The publication can be found here:

Convolutional Deep Colorization for Image Compression (2023): 

During my senior year of undergrad I took a graduate class on deep learning (taught by Dr. Stefan Lee). The final assignment for the class was to complete a research project on a subject of our choosing with some novel contribution to the research space. My team and I chose to work on image colorization and combined techniques used in existing works. Particularly we use a color-grid to preserve some color information and use a convolutional neural network architecture.


Undergraduate Honors Thesis (2023): 

My honors thesis, titled An Exploration Into The Ever-changing Expanse of Non-periodic Tilings, was an investigation into Wang tiles. It includes a summary of existing work on the subject as well as new findings. Dr. Huck Bennett mentored me through the thesis process and my thesis committee included: Dr. Huck Bennett, Dr. Stefan Lee, Dr. Roger Roybal, and Dr. Amir Nayyeri.

Honors Thesis.pdf